I got Home

bikebridgeI made it back to Butte Falls and while I enjoyed my couple of nights in Eugene it was good to get home. But the ride home got warmer and warmer the closer I got to the Rogue Valley. It was getting pretty close to 100 by the time I rolled in the driveway. I took this photo on a little private bridge over the Illinois River outside of Canyonville. It’s just fun peeing off of bridges don’t you agree?

So The Obama felt it was very important to jump in the middle of a local issue and firmly planted his foot in his mouth again. When is the dumbass going to learn that without his teleprompter fully operational he is just another stammering idiot. There is a link at the end of this comment.

Why would he get involved and call the local police stupid? Oh wait, it’s because the man who tripped his own burglar alarm is a black man and the cops who were called to the scene were white. I forgot, it’s ok for blacks to behave as racists.

Hope and Change baby, Hope and Change.

Read the morons semi/almost apology here


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