Wednesday Morning

I’m going to ride the bike up to Eugene this morning to visit my son and his family for a day or two. I’d like to take off right about now as it’s nice and cool out but they both work today so I”ll leave closer to noon I suppose. I may take 227 over to I-5 through Trail as that’s a nice curvy road but I never really know what route I”ll take as I change my mind a lot. It’s one of the reasons I’ve decided I enjoy riding alone more than with a group.

I have a couple of friends I do enjoy riding with and they’re fun at the stops but they quite often invite their other friends along and some of those guys are squids. Or they show up late, or they need cigarette breaks. The reality is I don’t even have a friend that smokes and I never will. A truly disgusting habit.

In a couple of weeks I have planned to do a poker run that starts by Grants Pass and finishes over on the coast in Crescent City. I just checked on getting a room over there and the motel that was renting for 40 bucks a night a year ago is now 90 bucks a night. Are you fucking kidding me? Inflation on motel rooms?

Oh well we’re reconsidering the run altogether.


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