It’s a warm day

And things are warming up in congress. There is more going on than the cap n tax and obamacare bills to worry about. Our socialists in charge are whittling way at our second amendment rights. Tomorrow morning (Wednesday 7/22/09) at 11:30am your senator is going to cast a vote that will insure your personal second amendment rights. I encourage you to email or call your senator and let them know you’d like them to support and vote for the Thune-Vitter Amendment.

The link will help you find your Senator’s email so you can contact them.

0721091039aSo I picked up some big truck tires this morning at no charge from a yard in White City. First thoughts had me using them for my garden but I found another use for them. This is the dumbass dog my mother in law had to have. I stuck her down in there and even when I walked away she sat in there wondering WTF happened here. After about a half hour she figured it out and hopped out. Weird dog. Little value other than amusement purposes. Now it does eat gophers that my cat brings it. The cat bring the gopher over, lets the dog watch it kill the gopher and then waits until the cat tears the gopher in half and shares. I’m hoping the dog learns from the cat but I do have my doubts.


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