I did Not Buy A Harley

0715091356I bought a Kawasaki VN 2000 a couple of years ago. It’s also known as a V2K. It’s a large bike and one of the largest V-twins ever made at 2053 cc’s or 125 cubic inches. At the time of purchase I really wanted to buy a Harley but in all honesty, after test riding ALL of them, I didn’t find one that handled very well or had any horsepower. You can make them loud but fast? Not so much.

So I buzzed around on every metric V-twin made. This one seemed to do the job. Why not a big touring bike as I had before? Because I was moving to Maui soon and what good would a touring bike do on an island right? That would be stupid. I hate doing stupid.

Well stupid showed up anyway. After trying to sell our rentals for 6 months at 50K under assessed value we took them off the market. No one wants them now and the value of our personal home has dropped like no ones business. So moving is out of the question. Wouldn’t a touring bike be wonderful right about now?

So here I am in Oregon with a bike that isn’t right for here and I’m not going to be able to get a new one anytime soon. OH well looks who feels stupid now. I’m riding a bike that is fairly fast and feels fun but chirps like a birdie at certain speeds. It’s annoying to say the least. Oh and the belt drive thing? Pile of crap. That’s why it chirps and no one seems to be able to adjust it where it won’t chirp. If you pick up a rock (I did I did) the belt alone is 475 dollars to purchase but another 200 to install.

Last belt drive bike I’ll ever own, EVER.

So there hopefully is a Gold Wing in my future. I should have gotten one before. Even on Maui it’d be fun to ride. I could dig it.

OK I’ll head back downstairs and change the guts in a toliet. That should be worth a post if things go bad.


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