So I saw Harry Potter

Maybe it’s just that I’m not a huge fan of the magic thing but this is the second Potter movie in a row that I didn’t really care for. After the last one I told myself I may not go see the next one and after this one I’m certain I won’t be seeing the next one in a theater. I’m not certain it’s worth watching on Showtime or HBO unless you’re just a big fan.

It’s interesting watching these kids grow older and trust me that red headed kid isn’t going to age gracefully. He’ll be playing insane serial killers before too long. The young girl that plays Herminie (can’t spell it, don’t care) is turning into a young babe and the Harry kid is looking his age but it wasn’t worth the price of admission to check that out. Hopefully they won’t end up on Celebrity Rehab one day as they appear to be nice kids.

Tomorrow we were going down to Redding to have some fun at the Waterpark but the MIL fucked that up. Now she wants to see the doctor. She doesn’t have an appointment of course but wants me to sit around until she figures out that she can get an appointment and if she still needs it. I’m sofucking grateful I live here.

It’s always good to not read a newspaper or watch any news shows for at least one day a week. This way I can pretend that Obama and you dumbasses who voted for him aren’t screwing something new up today.


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