Walter Cronkite Died

The man was 92 and while he was an obvious liberal it wasn’t obvious he was when he was reporting the news. You see he just reported it without trying to make it all about his “agenda” or personal beliefs like the talking heads on MSNBC or CNN do these days. He would ask a question and then listen to the answer without interrupting and telling the person what they should believe. How refreshing that would be these days.

Don’t expect to hear too much about him because he wasn’t a pedophile formally black iconic pop star. He won’t get the same coverage that Jacko did. He’ll get plenty but it won’t be nearly as much. I have a feeling that Al Sharpton won’t be bitching about the negative press on Foxnews. He could care less because Walter Cronkite was actually white, not someone transforming themselves into a white person.

We had a great breakfast up in Butte Falls this morning and while my wife is getting ready to go to work I thought I’d get ready to ride my motorcycle. Let’s see I’ll need to make sure I have my debit card and I’ll also need to get on the bike. That should about do it. As soon as I click publish I’m outtie.

It’s going to be another warm day so a cruise up Fish Lake Rd to Lake of the Woods should be fun. Then I’ll head down Dead Indian Rd towards Ashland but not all the way into town because that many tree hugging liberals in one location just makes me really nervous.


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