Friday Morning

I’m having water park urges. Jill has Sunday and Monday off this weekend and we’re thinking about driving down to Redding to slide around for a few hours. I haven’t been to a water park since we lived in San Jose and that’s way back in 93. We had a couple of nice ones down there. I have memories of some great times and skimpy easily removed bikini’s from back then, wonder if times have changed much?

I’ll do a report.

These past couple of days have been pretty warm and the body reacts favorably. Riding the motorcycle isn’t as comfortable as when it’s down around 80 but it’s still better for riding now than when it’s down below 50. Especially when it’s way below 50. I’ll save my weather whines for when it cools off again.

I had lunch with an old friend the other day and it was kind of interesting. He’s the uncle of the slutty cheating tramp that my son married, divorced and then after a year moved back in with. After a few minutes I asked him if he’s willing to shove her off the top of table rock or something that would be as effective. Like everyone else on the planet he can’t figure out why my youngest would move back in with that slutty cunt.

It’s a difficult thing to understand. My son is a very good looking man and when he was divorced he had zero problems meeting and dating some pretty hot girls, some of who even had something going for them. But no he had to return to that sloppy bitch. I suppose it’s over the children who eventually will shit on him too.

It’s easier to figure out why she went back to him. He’s gullible, makes decent money and of course everyone else is sick of her shit. I think that makes her a tiny bit desperate. I wonder if the tramp knows the difference between love and desperation? Oh of course she does, I mentioned it to her.


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