Thursday Morning Ramblings

First of all I really never worried much about Sotomayor becoming a Supreme Court Justice as they are swapping one extreme left wing liberal with another. Did she lie about Wise Latina’s being better able to make good decisions than a wise white man? Who cares, not a factor.

But then I listened to some questions and answer yesterday during the process and Senator Al Franken (Yes saturday night live idiot) asked her about a case that was on the old Perry Mason TV show (WTF?) and before he got the question out she started answering it. It’s a bunch of BS kids. These hearings are scripted and when the left asks her a question she knows the question AND the answer. She boned up on Perry Mason???? When the right asks a question her eyes start blinking about the same speed as a hummingbirds wings and she stammers nearly as much as Obama without a teleprompter. Give me a break, it’s a bunch of BS.

Then a gallop poll came out and showed that Republicans and Republican leaning independs favor the RINO Romney for the 2012 Republican nomination. But when asked which candidate had the most favorable ratings this is what showed up.

Palin has a 72% approval rating AFTER she resigned as governor and after the state run left wing media has spent the better part of a year attacking her personally? That’s pretty interesting. No wonder the left is so afraid of her.

Anyway I’m going to get a nice motorcycle ride in today. It’s going to be a scorcher and I ain’t complaining. I Love the heat! Later losers.


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