So I wanted to watch a baseball game

I’ve been a baseball fan for as long as I can remember.  I went to games at Seals Stadium in San Francisco and watched the likes of Willie Mays carve out a hall of fame career.  When I couldn’t watch a game I listend to them on KSFO.  After all these decades I’m still a fan but good grief last nights All-Star game was a lowpoint for me.

Being a San Francisco Giants fan I was excited that a very good young Giant, Lincecum, got the call to start the game so I tuned in early to enjoy things.  Guess what I saw.

I saw a political love fest about The Obama.  I like hearing about batting averages or league leaders but instead I heard how Ichiro acted like an excited 12 year old when he asked The Obama to sign a baseball for him.  The announcers during the game even missed plays because they had stiffies over meeting The Obama themselves.  Eventually I couldn’t take it and changed the channel.

At the end of the game I turned back to Fox to find they were starting the questions to the games MVP.  What was the lead question?

How did it feel to meet President Obama?
I really wanted to vomit just to change the taste in my mouth.


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